"Get Involved"
Every month from January to October New Foundation is sponsoring a youth program called Kickback at Chatham. This program is designed to encourage, uplift, and extend a helping hand to the youth in the community.  One Saturday in every month is set aside just for this event.  We need your help. To continue funding this venture we need your support.  Join us by donating to the cause that speaks life too so many. We offer our youth a comedian or some spoken word artists to make them laugh and think about life in a creative way. Also, the venue is designed to allow some of our youth to express some of their
 own hidden talents.  Its just a night of fun that you don't want to miss.

Roy is a mentoring ship program that adopts a child and cares about his or her interests outside of the program. Children under the Roy program get a one on one hands on session that allows the child direct access to their mentor. Whether its advice or you just need someone to talk to under the Roy program someone is always there to lend a helping hand. The concept of Roy comes from the experience that I had with my God father. He was truly a guiding force throughout all of my life. Roy was exceptional not only because he helped me but others as well in the community. We need business leaders,entrepreneurs, and regular people just like you to help us make a difference in a child's life.  Your voice does matter and so does your presence.  
We need you
To help our youth be successful we need your help.  Children are the cornerstone of our communities because without them nothing that we have will last. Every child deserves an opportunity to achieve their dream but for some violence, death, and poverty is all they see.  Hi, my name is Michael Ross and I'm asking you to help us Rescue Our Youth.   Each of us invest in so many things but how about investing in someone's future.  You can make a difference by making a contribution today.  No child left behind should be our cause not just in school but in life as well.  If there was ever a reason for us to be united it should be our children.  The only way to solve a problem sometimes is to simply ask for help.  So today, New Foundation Youth Outreach is asking you to give generously, consistently, and right now because the gift that you give may just help save someones life.  No amount is too small and no time is better than the present to play your part in fixing our world.  Join us as we strive to create opportunities for our youth in employment, training, and college. Together, we can make a difference.  
New Foundation Youth Outreach